ThetaMetrisis tools are used by our customers in their routine practice. Please find below a list of selected publications where ThetaMetrisis tools have been used


M.Zavali, P.S.Petrou, D.Goustouridis, I.Raptis, K.Misiakos, S.E.Kakabakos J. Chromatograph. B 878 237(2010)“Regenerable flow-through affinity sensor for label–free detection of proteins and DNA”

Mateusz Kowalcze, MSc. thesis Jagellonian University, "Fabrication of organic films with gradients of physico-chemical properties"

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Chen Hu M. Sc. thesis Royal Institute of Technology (KTH), 2010 "Surface Optimization of the Silicon Templates for Monolithic Photonics Integration"


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Dimitra Tsounidi, M. Sc. thesis University of Patras, 2014 "Free detection of analytes with optical sensors"

Miltiadis Vasileiadis, Ph.D. thesis University of Patras, 2014 "Novel Quantum Dot and Nano-Entity Photonic Structures"


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C. Pradeep, M.A.G Namboothiry, C.P.G. Vallabhan, P. Radhakrishnan, V.P.N Nampoori Proc. SPIE 9557 95570O(2015) "Enhanced brightness from all solution processable biopolymer LED"

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Anna Donesz-Sikorska, Ph.D. thesis Akademia Górniczo-Hutnicza, 2015 "Functional organic-inorganic sol-gel derived-coatings for medical applications"

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R.Koutsikou, M.Bouroushian Electrochem. Acta 178 856(2015) Pulse potential electrodeposition of (112)-textured chalcopyrite CuInSe2 films from acidic aqueous solutions"


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Sergey Pozov, M. Sc. thesis Cyprus University of Technology, 2016 "Surface processing of silicon-based materials: silicon, silicon oxide and PDMS"

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Rebecca Koutsikou, Ph.D. thesis National Technical University of Athens, 2016 "Pulsed electro-deposition and characterization of thin films of CuInSe2"

Anastasia Filatzikioti, M. Sc. thesis National Technical University of Athens, 2016 "Optical characterization of carbon nanotube sensors"

Stephania Vorvi M. Sc. thesis National Technical University of Athens, 2016 "Immobilization of HRP enzyme on nano-structured PMMA surfaces for the fabrication of enzymic micro-reactor for the biocatalytic oxidation of phenols"

G.Koukouvinos, P.Petrou, K.Misiakos, D.Drygiannakis, I.Raptis, G.Stefanitsis, S.Martini, D.Nikita, D.Goustouridis, I.Moser, G.Jobst, S.Kakabakos Biosens. Bioelectron. 84 89(2016) "Simultaneous determination of CRP and D-dimer in human blood plasma samples with White Light Reflectance Spectroscopy"

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M.Vasileiou M. Sc. thesis University of Patras, 2016 "Photonic structures inspired from nature : properties and mimetic replication of standards”

S.Vorvi M. Sc. thesis National Technical University of Athens, 2016 "Ακινητοποίηση του ενζϋμου HRP σε νάνο-υφασμένες επιφάνειες PMMA με πλάσμα Ο2 για την κατασκευη ενζυματικού μικρο-αντιδραστήρα για βιοκαταλυτική οξείδωση φαινολών”


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Anastasia Filatzikioti, MSc. thesis National Technical University of Athens, "Optical characterization of sensors with carbon nanotubes"

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A. Apostolopoulou, D. Sygkridou, A. Rapsomanikis, A. N.Kalarakis, E. Stathatos Solar Energy Materials and Solar Cells 166 100(2017) "Enhanced performance of mesostructured perovskite solar cells in ambient conditions with a composite TiO2–In2O3 electron transport layer"

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G.Koukouvinos, P.S.Petrou, D.Tsounidi, Z.Τsialla, K.Misiakos, D.Goustouridis, A.U.Moreno, A.R Fernandez-Alba, I.Raptis, S.E.Kakabakos Sens. Act. B 238 1214(2017) "Fast and simultaneous detection of three pesticides by a White Light Reflectance Spectroscopy sensing platform"

G.Koukouvinos, A.Metheniti, Ch.-E.Karachaliou, D.Goustouridis, E.Livaniou, K.Misiakos, I.Raptis, A.Kondili, P.Miniati, P.Petrou, S.Kakabakos Talanta 175 443(2017) "White light reflectance spectroscopy biosensing system for fast quantitative prostate specific antigen determination in forensic sample"

K.Kato, S.Hagi, M.Hinoshita, E.Shikoh, Y.Teki Phys. Chem. Chem. Phys. 19 18845(2017) "Photoconductivity and magnetoconductance effects on vacuum vapor deposition films of weak charge-transfer complexes"

D.Mpatzaka M. Sc. thesis University of Patras, 2017 "Ανάπτυξη οπτικών κυματοδηγών και εοιφανειακών μικροδομών με τεχνικές λέιζερ και νανοεκτύοωσης για φωτονικές εφαρμογές”


Ç.Şahin, A.Apostolopoulou, E. Stathatos Inorganica Chim. Acta 478 130(2018) "New bipyridine ruthenium dye complexes with amide based ancillary ligands as sensitizers in semitransparent quasi-solid-state dye sensitized solar cells"

Monika Biernat Ph. D. thesis Jagiellonian University, 2018 "Self–organized polymer structures and their impact on efficiency of organic photovoltaic devices"

A.P. Sunitha, P. Hajara, Manu Shaji, M.K. Jayaraj, K.J. Saji J. Luminescence 203 313(2018) "Luminescent MoS2 quantum dots with reverse saturable absorption prepared by pulsed laser ablation"

V. Gavriil, M. Chatzichristid, Z. Kollia, A-C. Cefalas, N. Spyropoulos-Antonakakis, V.V. Semashko, E. Sarantopoulou Entropy 20 545(2018) " Photons Probe Entropic Potential Variation during Molecular Confinement in Nanocavities"

D. Sygkridou, A. Apostolopoulou, A. Charisiadis, V. Nikolaou, G. Charalambidis, A.G. Coutsolelos, E. Stathatos ChemistrySelect 3 2536(2018) "New Metal−Free Porphyrins as Hole−Transporting Materials in Mesoporous Perovskite Solar Cells"

I-C. Ciobotaru, S. Polosan, C-C. Ciobotaru Inorganica Chim. Acta 483 248(2018) " Organometallic compounds for photovoltaic applications"

A.P. Sunitha P. Hajara, ManuShaji, M.K. Jayaraj, K.J. Saji J. Luminescence 203 313(2018) "Luminescent MoS2 quantum dots with reverse saturable absorption prepared by pulsed laser ablation"

Dimitra M. Sygkridou, Ph. D. thesis University of Patras, 2018 " Development and characterization of solar energy conversion devices based on nanocomposite semiconductors"

G.Koukouvinos, D.Goustouridis, K.Misiakos, S.Kakabakos, I.Raptis, P.Petrou Sens. Act. B 260 282(2018) "Rapid C-reactive protein determination in whole blood with a White Light Reflectance Spectroscopy label-free immunosensor for Point-of-Care applications"

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D. Barmpakos, A. Segkos, Ch. Tsamis. G. Kaltsas Proceedings 2 977(2018) "A Disposable Inkjet-Printed Humidity and Temperature Sensor Fabricated on Paper"

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F. Machairioti, P. Petrou, H-T. Oh, J-K. Lee S. Kakabakos, P. Argitis, M. Chatzichristidi Coll. Surf. B: Biointerfaces (2019) "Bio-orthogonal Fluorinated Resist for Biomolecules Patterning Applications"

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S. Polosan Mater. Res. Express 6 (2019) "Efficiency enhancement of iridium-based organometallic light emitting diodes"

P.Dimitrakellis, A.Patsidis, At.Smyrnakis, G.Psarras, E.Gogolides ACS Appl. Nano Mater. 2 2969(2019) "Atmospheric Plasma Nanotexturing of Organic - Inorganic Nanocomposite Coatings for Multifunctional Surface Fabrication"

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At. Smyrnakis, A. Zeniou, K. Awsiuk, V. Constantoudis, E. Gogolides Frontiers Chem. Sci. Eng. 13 475(2019) "A non-lithographic plasma nanoassembly technology for polymeric nanodot and silicon nanopillar fabrication"

F. Otieno, M. Airo, Th Ganetsos, R. M. Erasmus, D. G. Billing, A. Quandt, D. Wamwangi Optical & Quantum Electron. 51 359(2019) "Role of oxygen concentrations on structural and optical properties of RF magnetron sputtered ZnO thin films"

M. Rozman, D. Sygkridou, R. Fuchs-Godec, E. Stathatos, U. Bren Sens. Act. A 295 51(2019) "Novel geometric approach for photosensor construction based on dye-sensitization of TiO2 nanoparticles on stainless steel

V. Christianidis, I. Paratzi B. Sc. thesis University of West Attica, 2019 "VIS/NIR Measurements on nanomaterials”

F. Otieno, M. Airo, E.G. Njoroge, R. Erasmus, Th. Ganetsos, Al. Quandt, D. Wamwangi, D.G. Billing AIP Advances 9, 045210 (2019) "Effect of implantation of Sm+ ions into RF sputtered ZnO thin film"

M.M.Tzianou B. Sc. thesis Nationa Technica University of Athens, 2019 "Συμπύκνωση ατμών και αντιθαμβωτικές ιδιότητες μικρο και νανο δομημένων υπερυδρόφοβων και υπερυδρόφιλων επιφανειών”



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M.Antoniou, D.Tsounidi, P.S.Petrou, K.G.Beltsios,S.E.Kakabakos Med. Dev. Sens. (2020) "Functionalization of silicon dioxide and silicon nitride surfaces with aminosilanes for optical biosensing applications"

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V. Gavriil, M. Chatzichristidi, D. Christofilos, G. A. Kourouklis, Z. Kollia, E. Bakalis, A-C.s Cefalas. E. Sarantopoulou Nanomaterials 10 1101(2020) "Entropy and Random Walk Trails Water Confinement and Non-Thermal Equilibrium in Photon-Induced Nanocavities"

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G.Koukouvinos, Ch-Ev.Karachaliou, S.Kakabakos, E.Livaniou Proceedings 60 45(2020) "A White Light Reflectance Spectroscopy Label-Free Biosensor for the Determination of Fungicide Carbendazim"



M.Angelopoulou, KTzialla, A.Voulgari, M.Dikeoulia, I.Raptis, S.Kakabakos, P.Petrou Sensors 21 2683(2021) "Rapid Detection of Salmonella typhimurium in Drinking Water by a White Light Reflectance Spectroscopy Immunosensor"

D.Tsounidi, G.Koukouvinos, V.Christianidis, E.Legaki, V.Giogli, K.Panagiotopoulou, St.Taka, Z.Ekaterinidi, S.Kakabakos, I.Raptis, P.Petrou Biosensors 11 268(2021) "Development of a Point-of-Care System Based on White Light Reflectance Spectroscopy: Application in CRP Determination"

G.Koukouvinos, Ch-Ev.Karachaliou, I.Raptis, P.Petrou, E.Livaniou, S.Kakabakos Biosensors 11 153(2021) "Fast and Sensitive Determination of the Fungicide Carbendazim in Fruit Juices with an Immunosensor Based on White Light Reflectance Spectroscopy"

C.C.Ciobotaru, I.C.Ciobotaru, D.G.Iosub, S.Polosan J. Electron. Mater. 50 5529(2021) "Highly Conductive Carbon-Based Thin Films Produced by Low-Energy Electron Irradiation"

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S.Chaitoglou, L.Spachis, G.Zisis, I.Raptis, N.Papanikolaou, A.Vavouliotis, R.Penedo, N.Fernandes, A.Dimoulas Prog. Organic Coat 150 150984(2021) "Layer-by-layer assembled graphene coatings on polyurethane films as He permeation barrier"

H.Huang, L.Jiang, J.Peng, Y.Qi, S.Bai, Q.Lin Chem. Mater. 33 8089(2021) "High-Performance Organic Phototransistors Based on D18, a High-Mobility and Unipolar Polymer"

W.Li, Y.Xu, J.Peng, R.Li, J.Song, H.Huang, L.Cui, Q.Lin ACS Appl. Mater. Interfaces 3 2971(2021) "Evaporated Perovskite Thick Junctions for X-Ray Detection"

D.A.Chalkias, A.Karaviotia, A.N.Kalarakis, E.Stathatos Solar Energy 224 1017(2021) "Unveiling the importance of dripping temperature control of hybrid organic-inorganic perovskite precursor solution for the fabrication of fully ambient air-processed perovskite solar cells"

D.Barmpakos, V.Belessi, R.Schelwald, G.Kaltsas Nanomaterials 11 2025(2021) "Evaluation of Inkjet-Printed Reduced and Functionalized Water-Dispersible Graphene Oxide and Graphene on Polymer Substrate—Application to Printed Temperature Sensors"

D.A.Chalkias, C.Charalampopoulos, A.K.Andreopoulou, A.Karavioti, E.Stathatos J. Power Sources 496 229842(2021) "Spectral engineering of semi-transparent dye-sensitized solar cells using new triphenylamine-based dyes and an iodine-free electrolyte for greenhouse-oriented applications"

M.Bidikoudi, A.N.Kalarakis, E.Stathatos Solar Energy 220 660(2021) "A facile, low-cost and industrially feasible method to implement complex structured perovskites, in stable, C-based perovskite solar cells"

Th, Paratzi B. Sc. thesis University of West Attica, 2021

D.A.Chalkias, Ch.Charalampopoulos, S.Aivali, A.K.Andreopoulou, A.Karavioti, E.Stathatos Energies 14 1159(2021) "A Di-Carbazole-Based Dye as a Potential Sensitizer for Greenhouse-Integrated Dye-Sensitized Solar Cells"

M.Bidikoudi, C.Simal, E.Stathatos ACS Appl. Energy Mater. 4 8810(2021) "Exploring the Effect of Lewis-Base Additives on the Performance and Stability of Mesoscopic Carbon-Electrode Perovskite Solar Cells"

A.Karavioti, D.A.Chalkias, G.Katsagounos, A.Mourtzikou, A.N.Kalarakis, E.Stathatos Electronics 19 1904(2021) "Toward a Scalable Fabrication of Perovskite Solar Cells under Fully Ambient Air Atmosphere: From Spin-Coating to Inkjet-Printing of Perovskite Absorbent Layer"

V.Gavriil B. Sc. thesis University of West Attica, 2019 "Optical and electrical properties of functional materials at the nanoscale”

M.Athanasiou, P.Papagiorgis, A.Manoli, C.Bernasconi, M.I.Bodnarchuk, M.V.Kovalenko, G.Itskos ACS Photonics 8 2120(2021) "Efficient Amplified Spontaneous Emission from Solution-Processed CsPbBr3 Nanocrystal Microcavities under Continuous Wave Excitation"

M.Tzianou, G.Thomopoulos, N.Vourdas, K.Ellinas, E.Gogolides Adv. Functional Mater. 4 200687(2021) "Tailoring Wetting Properties at Extremes States to Obtain Antifogging Functionality"

Y.Xu, W.Li, T.u, Y.Li, R.Li, Q.Lin Laser Photonics Rev. 15 2100169(2021) "Pulsed-Laser Detectors Based on Metal Halide Perovskites"

A.Zeniou, A.Smyrnakis, V.Constantoudis, K.Awsiuk, E.Gogolides Nanotechnology 32 235305(2021) "One-step control of hierarchy and functionality of polymeric surfaces in a new plasma nanotechnology reactor"


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