In the PhotoVoltaics industry, the optical properties (total transmittance, total reflectance and diffused transmittance) of particular films are of vital importance on the overall PV performance.


PM-Haze, allows for accurate measurement of Total Transmittance (TT) and Diffuse Transmittance (DT) over the 400-900nm spectrum for film stacks either on glass or Silicon substrates. From these values the Haze parameter is calculated for the whole spectrum from the equation:
PM-Haze is a totally modular and expandable measurement tool sharing the same technological platform with FR-series tools. The light measurement is done through a miniaturized spectrometer, than capture the light spectra in the range of 400-900nm instantly, without the need of any moving parts. This configuration guarantees long life and measurements of high accuracy.
The PM-Haze tool has been carefully designed to be assembled by modules, fulfilling all customers needs. For example, Automatic Optical Window interchange, simplifies tool operation and eliminates user intervention. Additional modules such as Thickness/Reflectance Measurement Module can be integrated, to allow for Film Thickness and refractive index measurements, with the same software. Furthermore, PM-Haze can be built in automated scanning or manual positioning configurations depending on customer’s budget. PM-Haze can be designed to hold samples of any size, even glass plates with area >1m2.

PM-Haze  PM-Haze
PM-Haze design for automatic scanning Haze measurements, over a glass panel PV of area > 1m2.

PM-Haze tool is controlled by especially developed Windows™ software that controls all modules, performing data acquisition and calculation of Transmittance/Reflectance values. The entire system (hardware – software) is shipped ready for measurements. It and can be easily used by anyone with basic computer skills without any deep knowledge of optics. The only additional part needed is a computer with two free USB ports running Windows XP/Vista/7 Operating System.

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