FR-pRo is a modular and extendable series of measurement instruments that are tailored to the customer needs and are capable to be used in a wide range of diverse applications through standard Absorbance/Transmittance and Reflectance measurements, to Films Characterization under temperature and ambient controlled environment.

FR-pRo tools have been carefully designed to be assembled by:

  • The Core Unit and
  • Modules & Kits from the Measurement Configuration & Accessories list.

By choosing or combining the various Core Units and different modules and kits one can make the most suitable measurement and characterization set-up for his/her needs.



 Core Unit

The Core Unit houses a Miniaturized High Performance Spectrometer, a suitable light source and all the necessary electronics modules (power sources and controllers). The light source offers high stability emission spectrum, software controlled light intensity, and very long operation times. The Core Unit case is manufactured from high quality industrial anodized aluminum offering a robust and modular construction. The top cover of the Core Unit is an Optical Breadboard with predrilled M6 (or ¼”) threads and be 340mm x 200mm of size. The top cover serves as the holder of the sample, of the measurement apparatus and of the standard SMA-905 connectors for the optical fibers carrying the light from the light source and to the spectrometer. The Core Unit is available in numerous configurations within 200-2500nm wavelength range and can be further tuned to meet certain application needs. The standard configurations are:




 * Thickness measurement range depends on the spectral and refer to a single film layer with refractive index ~1.5 over a reflective substrate.


Typical Results

FR-Basic Thin Layer Measurement
1.1nm SiO2 thermally grown on Si wafer
FR-Basic Thick Film Measurement
14.3um SU-8 resist spin coated on Si wafer

Measurement Configurations & Accessories

There are numerous entries in the Measurement Configuration & Accessories list to cover any particular need such as: Reflection probe holder, Focusing Lens Modules, Cuvette Holders, Film/Cuvette Holder, Flow Cell/Microfluidic cell, Integrating Sphere holder, Hot Plate, Liquid Vessel, Gas/Pressure Chamber and Cartesian or R-Θ (polar) scanners for automated measurements over the whole sample.

In the same list there are several Accessories that extend the capabilities of FR-pRo platform, such as: a) A wide range of standard Optical Components, b) Syringes or Peristaltic Pumps for use with Flow and Micro-Fluidic Cells c) Humidity, Pressure or Gas Controller for measurements under controlled environment.

All FR-pRo tools are shipped with FR-Monitor software. FR-Monitor software runs on Windows XP/7/8/10 platform either 32 or 64 bit and allows for the control of the tool, data acquisition and data processing for calculation of 1) film thickness of single or stacked films and 2) refractive index of single films at static or dynamic modes. The software includes a large materials database (350+ materials) that can be further expanded by the user and allows for on-line and off-line measurements. FR-Monitor supports absorbance, transmittance and reflectance measurements. Furthermore the software provides the theoretical reflectance spectrum for any film stack. One license for use with FR-tool and unlimited licenses for installation in other computers to be used for post processing of the results.

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