In this work, we consider White Light Reflectance Spectroscopy (WLRS) as an optical methodology for the accurate, fast and non-destructive measurement of film thickness in the 1 nm to the 1 mm range and for applications that include microelectronics, photonics, bioanalysis and packaging. Films to which WLRS is applicable can be either homogeneous or layered-composite ones, while thickness and composition might be fixed or arying with time; in the latter case, real-time monitoring of the kinetics of processes such as certain transitions, film dissolution and bioreactions is possible. We present the basic principles of WLRS and a selection of characteristic application examples of current interest, and we also briefly compare WLRS with alternative methods for film measurement.

D. Goustouridis, I. Raptis, Th. Mpatzaka, S. Fournari, G. Zisis, P. Petrou, K. Beltsios Micro 2, 495(2022) “Non-destructive Characterization of Selected Types of Films and Other Layers via White Light Reflectance Spectroscopy (WLRS)”
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