The fast and accurate determination of C-reactive protein (CRP) in human whole blood samples employing a WLRS sensing platform is demonstrated. Each assay cycle was completed in 12 min, including 5-min reaction with the diluted whole blood samples, 3-min with the biotinylated anti-CRP antibody, and 4-min with streptavidin solution. The effect of whole blood on the assay performance was evaluated, and it was found that dilutions as low as 50-times could be employed. Thus, taking into account that the assay had a detection limit of 2.2 ug/L CRP in 50-times diluted sample, whole blood concentrations as low as 110 ug/L could be determined. The excellent analytical characteristics, the short analysis time and the compact instrument size support the applicability of the immunosensor developed for point-of-care CRP determinations.
G.Koukouvinos, D.Goustouridis, K.Misiakos, S.Kakabakos, I.Raptis, P.Petrou Sens. Act. B 260 282(2018) “Rapid C-reactive protein determination in whole blood with a White Light Reflectance Spectroscopy label-free immunosensor for Point-of-Care applications”
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