ThetaMetrisis introduce the FR-pOrtable tool: the USB-powered tool for accurate film characterization at the Point of Need at unbeatable price

Thanks to its unique design, FR-pOrtable is the only really portable and handheld spectroscopic reflectance tool in the market. FR-pOrtable integrates a radically designed hybrid light source, combining LED’s and incandescent bulb, which covers the 360nm – 1050nm spectral range and has very long-time & stable optical power. With FR-pOrtable the user can characterize any film or stack of films in the 25nm to 90μm thickness range, either in the lab environment or at the field becoming a truly Point of Need (PoN) tool.

Some of its unique features are:
- Small size, saving expensive lab space
- Really portable and handheld.
- No need for power supply. It draw power from the USB connection to the PC
- Low weight (600gr without the stage)
- Transmission & Absorption measurements (option)
- Large sample stage (up to 15x15cm samples)
- Adjustable distance between the sample and the probe. Thick samples can be accommodated.
- Two years of warranty
- Unbeatable price

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