On Novemeber 21st 2012, the Kick-off meeting of ALEPOY research project took place in Komotini, Greece, at the premises of AlphaBetaRoto

ALEPOY (Autonomous and integrated system for in situ and continuous contaminant gases monitoring in industrial environments) is a 3-year project aiming at the development of a miniaturized system for the remote monitoring of hazardous volatile organic compounds (VOCs) in industrial environment. ALEPOY is coordinated by PRISMA Electronics and partners are Atlantis Engineering, ThetaMetrisis and AlphaBetaRoto. In the course of the project a novel wireless system based on low cost and low power sensors and electronics will be implemented and will be evaluated in a real industrial environment. ThetaMetrisis will be responsible for the development of the read-out electronics of the sensing module


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