FR-Scanner is a compact bench-top tool suitable for the automatic characterization through reflectance measurements of films and coatings on large substrates. FR-Scanner is the ideal tool for the fast and accurate mapping of films in terms of thickness, refractive index, uniformity, color etc. Wafers of any diameter/shape can be accommodated on the vacuum chuck.
Typical scanning of an 8” Si wafer at 625 points take less than 60 sec. The optical head follows a unique design and accommodate the spectrometer, a hybrid light source and all other optical parts. In this design there are not any bending or moving fibers and therefore excellent performance in terms of accuracy, reproducibility and long term stability is guaranteed. Furthermore the special design of the light source offer extreme long life, 10000h.



Thanks to its robust & unique optical and mechanical design, FR-Scanner scan the samples under test in very high speed by rotating the stage and by moving linearly the optical head on top (polar scanning). This way accurate reflectance data with high repeatability are recorded in a very short time making FR-Scanner the ideal tool for the at-line and on-line characterization of wafers or other substrates at processing facilities. Furthermore Cartesian scanning models can be combined with transmittance kit and support both reflectance & transmittance measurements. In transmittance mode film thickness and refractive index measurements are also supported (e.g. for quartz or transparent wafers).






FR-Monitor software, control the FR-Scanner, and performs data acquisition, and film thickness-optical constants calculations. A database with >350 widely used materials is included and can easily be expanded by the user. The system is shipped ready for measurements and it can be easily used by anyone with basic computer skills without deep knowledge of optics. The only additional part needed is a PC running Windows .The software is loaded with numerous scanning profiles for any wafer size, while the user can load its own profile either in polar or Cartesian coordinates




FR-Scanner-F VIS/NIR


Sample size

Wafers: 2in-3in-4in-6in-8in-300mm. Samples of irregular shape1

Resolution in R


Resolution in Angle


Spot Size

360μm (diameter):  area from which the reflectance is acquired

Minimum Thickness for simultaneous measurement of thickness & refractive index2


Spectral Range3

370nm - 1020nm

Spectrometer specs

3648 pixels

Light Source MTBF


Thickness Range4


Measurement precision5


Measurement stability6


Measurement accuracy7


Scanning Speed

625meas/min on 8 inch wafer

Computer Interface

USB 2.0 / USB 3.0. Any PC running Windows 7/8/10 64bit

Dimensions (mm)

485W x 457L x 500H


Electrostatically powder painting Steel and 304 Stainless Steel panels

Power Requirements

110V/230V, 50-60Hz, 300Watts



After Sales Support




















[1] The chuck can accommodate samples of arbitrary shape. Stage supporting 450mm wafers is also available on request
[2] Material dependent
[3] Other configurations are possible upon request
[4] The thickness values based on single layer SiO2 film over Si substrate. For other films/substrates these values may be slightly different.
[5] Average of standard deviation of mean value over 15 days. Sample: 1micron SiO2 on Si wafer
[6] 2*Standard-Deviation of daily average over 15 days. Sample: 1micron SiO2 on Si wafer
[7] Measurements compared with a calibrated spectroscopic ellipsometer
* Specifications are subject to change without any notice
** Other dimensions are available upon request


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