FR-pOrtable is a unique miniaturized solution for accurate & precise non-destructive characterization of transparent and semi-transparent single films or stack of films. With FR-pOrtable the user can perform reflectance and transmittance measurements for films in the 370-1020nm spectral range.

The compact design of FR-pOrtable and the custom designed reflection probe, guarantee high accuracy and repeatability of the performed measurements. FR-pOrtable, can be either mounted on the supplied stage or can be easily transformed to a handheld thickness measurement tool to be placed over the sample under characterization. This way, FR-pOrtable is the only optical characterization tool for in-field applications.



o    Thickness measurement range: 12nm to 90μm
o    Refractive Index (n & k) calculation
o    Accuracy: 0.2% or 1nm
o    Broad Spectral Range: 370nm – 1020nm
o    USB powered
o    Portable
o    Reflectance, Transmittance, Absorption and Color parameters can be measured ...



Thickness Measurement Range 12nm-90um [1]
 Refractive Index Calculation  YES (>100nm thick)
 Thickness measurement Accuracy [2]  0.2% or 1nm
 Thickness measurement Precision [3]  0.05nm or 1‰ (0.01nm) [4]
 Thickness measurement stability [5]  0.06nm
 Sample size  1mm to 300mm and up
 Spectral Range  370-1020nm
 Working Distance  3-20mm
 Spot Size  1.0-4.0mm
 Light Source LifeTime  20.000hours
 Wavelength Resolution  0.8nm
 Number of Layers to be Characterized Simultaneously  5
 Measurement Time  5msec (Minimum Acquisition Time)
 A/D Converter  16bit
Power  USB-Supplied
 Dimensions  300mm x 110mm x 40mm**
Weight  600gr


*Specifications are subject to change without any notice

**Without the stage



Typical Measurements with FR-pOrtable

10nm Si3N4 layer on Si wafer

20.1nm SiO2 layer on Si wafer


84nm TiO2 layer on microscope glass


110nm PMMA layer on Si wafer

696.2nm Thermal SiO2 layer on Si wafer

2462.9nm TEOS on Si wafer (RI calc)

9.75μm SU-8 on Si wafer (RI calc)


48.7μm SU-8 resist film on Si wafer


Sample: Si3N4/SiO2 on Si wafer

Results: 162.4nm / 990.1nm






At-the-Field adaptor: For measurements at the Point-of-Need.

Transmittance module: For the measurement of transmittance & absorbance of coatings, coating thickness etc.

Manual X-Y stage: For the characterization of coatings at multiple positions (manual movement)

[1] In certain materials the minimum thickness that can be measured is below 10nm (e.g. for Si3N4 is 6nm)

[2] Measurements compared with a calibrated spectroscopic ellipsometer and XRD

[3] Average of standard deviation of mean value over 15 days. Sample: 1micron SiO2 on Si wafer

[4] In certain materials

[5] 2*Standard-Deviation of daily average over 15 days. Sample: 1micron SiO2 on Si wafer

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