• FR-pOrtable: A USB-powered portable tool to meet your film characterization needs (thickness, optical properties).
  • FR-pRo: An open architecture platform to meet your film characterization needs (thickness, optical properties).
  • FR-pRo UV/VIS: Film charcaterization in the 1nm-90um thickness ranage.
  • FR-uProbe: Localized film characterization through optical microscope
  • FR-Scanner: Automated and fast mapping of film thickness & optical properties over large areas
  • FR-Education: The entry-level film characterization tool at low cost


  • FR-Thermal: Real-time Film Characterization during thermal treatment
  • Transmittance kit: Absorbance & Transmittance of liquids and films
  • FR-IntSphere: Total & Diffuse Spectral Reflectance Measurements
  • Film/Cuvette Holder: A module for transmission & absorbance measurements of liquids and coatings on transparent substrates.
  • Focusing Module: A probe's add-on module to decrease the spot size.
  • XY 100mm Stage: Two-Axis Linear Translation Stage for FR-pOrtable.
  • Liquid-E Module: In-situ Monitoring and Characterization of coatings immersed on liquids..


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