App001- Characterization of Si membranes
App002- Biomolecular Layer Thickness Evaluation
App003- Thickness measurement of Thin and Ultra Thin films
App004- Theoretical prediction of the reflectance for any stack of films
App005- Thickness measurement of stack of films
App006- Thickness measurement of Thick films
App007- Film Thickness Mapping
App008- Control of Tartaric Sufluric Acid Anodizing (TSA) – Anodic coating characterization
App009- Refractive Index Measurement
App010- Real-time Measurements
App011- Absorption Measurements
App012- Absorption Measurements
App013- Measurement of Glass Transition Temperature of Polymeric films
App014- Thickness Measurement of Cover Slips
App015- Thick films and non-uniformity
App016- Real-time monitoring of spectral sensitivity of a photoresist film due to ambient light exposure
App017- Transmittance measurement of colour filters
App018- Thickness Measurement of ultrathin SiO2 films
App019- Thickness Measurement of grease on bearings
App020- Thickness determination of PET cling films through transmittance measurements
App021- Real-time monitoring of photoresist dissolution
App022- Thickness determination clear coat paint layer on car
App023- Characterization of coatings on eyeglasses by FR-pOrtable
App024- Fast & Accurate mapping of film coatings on Si wafers
App025- Real time monitoring of bioreactions in whole blood
App026- Thickness measurement of Perovskites films
App027- Thickness measurement of mono-layered graphene on top of SiO2/Si wafer
App028- Thickness measurement of inner polymer coating of aluminum cans
App029- Silicon Wafer thickness measurement
App030- Characterization of Parylene coatings (thickness & Refractive Index)





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