A wide range of diverse coatings are been deposited by various methods e.g. spin coating, sputtering, evaporation, spraying, dipping, thermal oxidation, chemical oxidation etc in numerous industrial applications. The uniformity of thickness and optical properties is of paramount importance for both the yield of the process and the device performance as well.

For the automated characterization of coatings been deposited on large substrate, FR-pRo platform is accompanied by either RΘ-stage (scanning in Polar coordinates) or XY-A stage (scanning in Cartesian coordinates).

RΘ-150 stage supports any standard wafer size up to 300mm in diameter while it could be further upgraded to support substrates with larger diameter without any compromise in speed. The characterization speed is 300points/min on 8inch wafer.

XY-A100 stage support the characterization of coatings on substrates with arbitrary shape and with traveling range of 100mm in both axes. The XY stage could be further extended to support mapping of coatings on larger substrates for more demanding applications. The characterization speed is 200points/5min on 4inch wafer.

These modules for automated mapping are complemented with a series of manual stages capable to accurate characterize wafers or samples of any shape up to 300mm in diameter.



Typical Application Notes:                                                          

App007- Characterization of industrial anodic alumina films
App008- Film thickness mapping
App024- Fast and Accurate mapping of film coatings on Si wafers

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