In automotive and airplane industries a high number of protective coatings are widely used. For example in airplane industry, the aluminum parts are processed to form an anodized alumina layer which is significantly harder than aluminum. The properties of this layer are critical for the appropriate and long-term use of the aluminum part in the harsh environment of aviation. One of these parameters is the thickness of Al2O3 layer that should be within the related specifications.

FR-tools either alone or along with the ContactProbe (standard module on custom-made ones) are the ideal gauges for fast, accurate and non-destructive measurement of Al2O3 layer against other time-consuming and destructive methods.

In the automotive industry, numerous coatings are used on the various parts. The fast, accurate and non-destructive measurement of the thickness of these coatings is of high importance for the operation of the individual parts in the related harsh environment. FR-tools have been proved the ideal tools for the measurement of a) the inner and outer coatings of the polycarbonate covers of headlights and b) in the measurement of clear coats on cars.

In particular, the hard coat (outer) and the anti-fog (inner) layer of headlights lenses are measured simultaneously and accurately through a single measurement, either on flat or on curved areas. Equally, the thickness of clear coat can be measured at any point on the external surface of the car providing valuable information in the quality control of the related process.




Typical Application Notes:                                                          

App022- Thickness determination clear coat paint layer on car
App046- Measurements of coatings on automotive headlights

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