"FR Basic has proven itself to be very useful in calculating the thickness of thin films in multilayer stacks that are routinely developed in our laboratory. Also, its added value lies within the accuracy of A, T & R measurements and Theta's user-friendly software. I strongly recommend it."

Prof. Em. Kymakis, University of Applied Sciences Crete Electrical Engineering Department, Greece, May 2018


"Since the installment of the “FR-Basic” unit three years ago, we have been extensively using it for thickness measurements and optical characterization of thin films as well as nanoparticle absorption in liquid suspensions. We have been exploiting both the reflectivity and transmittance mode to study the optical response of multilayer transparent films with metallic plasmonic nanoparticles. We are extremely satisfied with the ease-of-use, and the quick and reliable measurements, establishing it as an essential tool of our research unit. The swift and friendly customer service provided by ThetaMetrisis personnel has been very efficient and rewarding.

Dr. G. Constantinides, Research Unit for Nanostructured Materials Systems, Cyprus University of Technology, October 2015


"Our research group has been using the FR-Basic for over 5 years. During this time we did a lot of measurements of thickness and optical properties of various thin polymer films and bio-macromolecular layers. FR-Basic provides high accuracy and repeatability of results necessary in research work. Compact design of the platform with many accessories available makes the tool very useful in various applications. Strong point of the system is user-friendly controlling software supplied with the device. That is also why we decided to buy FR-Education platform for students laboratory to get them familiar with modern photonic technology. Last but not least, excellent technical and scientific support of the Thetametrisis team helps a lot in everyday work with the apparatus. I would have no hesitation in recommending ThetaMetrisis."
Dr. J. Rysz, Institute of Physics, Jagiellonian University, Krakow, Poland Sept. 2015


"I would have no hesitation in recommending ThetaMetrisis tools. I am using a PM-QE tool along with an FR-Basic for the characterization of thin films for photovoltaic tandem cells. Moreover, the tool gives me the opportunity to characterize thin film layers (from ZnO to a-Si) on various substrates. The tool was easily installed and the performance is exceptional. The technical support is always available and reactive to respond to any of our enquiries."

Dr. F. Farmakis, Dept Electrical and Computer Eng. University of Thrace, Greece, September 2012


"My research group has been using “FR-Basic” the last four months to measure the thickness of zeolite films that we synthesize on top of Metglas ribbons. The quick and accurate measurement of the thickness of our films is very essential for our research. “FR-Basic” is very user-friendly and provide reliable results. The sales support personnel were very friendly and the delivery times were fast and as agreed. I highly recommend the instrument to other research groups" 

Dr. D. Kouzoudis, Engineering Sciences Dept, Uni. Patras, Greece Dec. 2012



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